Thursday, June 06, 2002

Posting will be light over the next two days, as I will be in taking a plane to Canada, and I will be visiting some nice places over there.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

The times, they are a-changin.
Finally. I know that this is bit contrary to my Libertarian views, but I'm glad that Ashcroft has finally proposed this. It technically doesn't violate any ethics, because these visitors have not agreed to be citizens. As non-citizens, and with no stated intent of becoming one, they have less right to claim privacy, as they have not signed the social contract that would fully protect their rights. A government does not have to be as courteous to people who are not citizens of it. Thus, there really are no problems with this, as long as the registration is not invasive, and it stops immediatly after a person becomes a citizen.
I've got a surprise for all of you kiddies today! That's right, we have found ourselves a genuine, bonifide idiot! To highten our enjoyment, he is also a euro snob! Gee golly, I never expected such a gift. Lets take a look at him, so that you kids can know what to do with such numbskulls.
First of all, this utterly delightful person sets the tone by saying Bush may "become a disastrous embarrassment". Oh my God! How utterly horrible it might be that someone might be embarrased! Oh thank you Europe, for having saved us from such a horrible fate! Next, he informs us that the europeans "have had far more experience in dealing with terrorism" than America has. Apparently, dealing with the Barabary pirates of 19th century and kicking their ass does not count as fighting terroism. I also suppose that the European efforts have just about wiped out terroism in their countries. What? You mean the Italians still have active terroist groups, as do the French with the Basques? And that the English are still having problems with the IRA? And that their strategy consists mainly of giving up? Well, I'm sure that is just a big lie. We all know that the Europeans have a fearsome military. What? Only the British have a decent military? Oh that's right, the French were utterly useless during Afghanistan! They actually hindered our abilities!
Lets continue. The writer in this piece goes and attacks Europes favorite target, "Israel and its network of supporters". Of course! When the USA doesn't act the way it's supposed to, it's all because of those damned Zionists and Jews. Why won't they die like they're supposed to? Oh yeah, because they learned a fucking lesson from the holocaust, which taught them not to listen to EUROPEANS! GOD!
The most esteemed idiot also states that "Al-Qaida is no threat to Western civilization". Well gee, I guess the massive attacks on the Twin Towers were all a bad dream. There is no way any terrorist group could have possibly killed 3000 people in a deliberate attack. Thank God we have Europe to tell us so!
Also, one last thing. He tells us that we shouldn't worry, because there have been no "terrorist attacks" recently. Why do you think there have been no terroist attacks? Because our President has not been listening to the stupid, weak, boot-licking, intelligentsia! America has never listened to Europe, and for that, we have become the richest, smartest, freest, greatest nation on the Earth.
Wow. That took a lot out of me. That's it for today. Remember kiddies, people like the writer above are idiots!
Here is a great article by Pejman about the upcoming attack on Iraq.
America: Kicking ass all the time, even in sports we don't like.
I know Ralph Nader is not the most reasonable of people, but this is just ridiculous.
Now this is funny. It's funnier if you play video games, but still, it's funny.
I spoke too soon about the World Cup.
Another suicide bombing today. The PA will probably condemn this bombing, as usual, but will pay the families of the suicide bombers, as is also usual. Fuckers.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

The Bush administration has given up the Enron documents. Personally, I think this sets a bad precedent. This sets the precedent of knocking down executive privilege a few notches.The last time that a Presidency had given up some documents, it was because there were serious allegations of wrongdoing by the Clinton adminstration. Here, the only evidence that Mr. Lieberman and Congress have come up with is essentially that it looks bad. This standard would not be strong enough to get papers out of a private citizen. Hopefully, the committee will handle the documents in a way that will preserve what little there is left of executive privilege.
The World Cup. Not only a great tournament, but a better peacekeeper than the U.N. (not that it's particularly hard to be.).
Ha'aretz - Article. What the HELL is Powell smoking? I hope he is smoking something, because the alternative is that Powell is an Arab-European stooge. I always knew that Powell was the "liberal" of the Administration, but this is just going too far. At this point, I'm hoping that Bush calls Powell in and talk to him about the realities of life. He'd better do this soon, because if he doesn't, there will be hell to pay in Congress come morning.
P.S. Powell, say it ain't so!
P.S.S. Mad props to the Kaiser for bringing this story up on his website.
I have always subscribed to the theory that a person's intelligence can be determined by the quality and wit of their insults. When you see a good and clever insult, one knows that the person who made the insult is both clever, blunt, and humourous, all good qualities for an individual to have. It is thus with great pride and pleasure that I see President Bush slamming both the bureaucracy of the government, and putting a pretentious twit in his place. The quality of slams from our head of state has never been higher. A toast to our President!
To anyone who still opposes kicking Saddam's ass: The Czechs are saying that there really was a meeting between Iraq and Al-Queda. All the more reason why we should remind Saddam that we can kick his ass faster than the Germans kicked the French's ass in World War II.
I know you've seen some weird stuff in your day, but I guarantee you've never seen anything like this. One wonders why the French would be so interested in this dolphin. What exactly would the French group study about this dolphin? (Horrible image flashes through). Best not to ask, eh?
Proof that China still needs to work on it's athletics department.
I could write a huge post on this. I could point out that if we want to extend this policy, they should outlaw all sports entirely, so that noone feels inferior to an athlete. I could write a long, long, post on how idiotic this law maker is. I could write a prayer for our PC-oriented society. However, that would be like insulting the french (that is to say, so easy it's not even funny). So instead, I'll link to this story, and let your imagination run with it. Have fun kiddies!
Now this is comedy.
Another great article on Amnesty International's irrational bias against Israel. When Amnesty can apparently spend so much time on Israel, but can't spare anybody to help crusade in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and China, you have to wonder whether they are inheretly biased against Israel. (Hint: They are.)
Read this for an excellent article on some of the problems that are going on at Berekely.
Wow. Kids, do you know the word that describes this situation? That's right, the word is ironic. Say it with me. Ironic.
Remember this story that was printed in Pravda, the former organ of Soviet propaganda? It alleged that the U.S. forces were told to perform a My Lai in Afganistan. However, the soldier who was quoted recently sent a letter to The Ithica Journal that basically undermines the whole story. For the record, The Ithica Journal was the first newspapaper to print this story. So remember folks, if an anti-war protester uses this to say the war on terrorism is wrong, he/she is full of excrement. A big thanks goes to Mr. Tim Blair for posting the whole story on his website.
Go Yourish! Eve shows herself to be one of the smartest bloggers on the web with a most excellent takedown of a most stupid idiot.
Hmm. On one hand, this warning by Mubarak does seem possible, as the FBI and the CIA were shown to have dropped the ball recently. I have some doubts whether what Mubarak is saying is true, becaus Egypt does have ulterior motives. Mubarak is currently in Washington trying to wrangle some information that will make Egypt look better in the Arab world. With Egypt recently saying that they would not participate in a war against Israel without several billion dollars from the other Arab nations, Mubarak would obviously benefit from any sort of timetable that they get from the U.S. Thus, Egypt then releases a statement claiming that they warned the U.S. about 9-11. Even if the statement is completly false, Egypt still looks good because the U.S. does not want to embaress a nation that could possibly give us information on Bin Ladin and other terrorist groups. With Egypt looking respectable in the eyes of the media, Mubarak has a better chance of getting the information from the United States. With the information from the U.S., the Arab world respects him. In one stroke, Mubarak increases his credibility with both the Western world and the Arab world without actually doing anything of substance. Note: I'm sorry I do not have the link on the "billions of dollars" story yet. I will try to find it as soon as possible.

Monday, June 03, 2002

Greetings cool cats and hip chicks. My name is Benjamin Eliazar Fischer, but you can just call me Ben. For those of you who want a witty, humourous, sensible, piercing blog, this is not the one for you. I suggest you might go to this place for such reading. Everyone else, sit back and enjoy the show. Watch this space for more details.