Friday, June 21, 2002

No. Too late. You had your chance. No.
Why are people saying that the recent military operations didn't do anything? (Scroll down to Wendsday post. Unfortunatly, Kaus doesn't have Permalinks.) I know that there have been two suicide bombers in a row just two days ago. However, did anybody other than me notice that these had taken place during a time where the military operations were not in full force? Let's use logic. The argument here is that if one performs action A in order to prevent action B from stopping, but Action B takes place a little while later than Action A, than Action A did not do anything. However, one ignores the fact that while performing action A, action B did not happen. When a different option than Action A is used, such as C, Action B took place during it, than it is obvious that Action A is effective. Replace A with military operations, B with suicide bombings, and C with talks with the Palestinians, and there you have it. I chose to use the tags so that the logic would be unclouded by any supposed bias. Any rebuttals? I'd love to hear one.
Pejman lays the smack down!
I'm back! As a special gift to all of my readers, (all .235 of you), I'm providing special evidence to prove that Lileks is; A. Proof of a loving and kind God, B. Proof of Lileks descent from divine interaction, C. Is God, or D. is a superman. Choose the one that you can agree with. Have fun!