Saturday, June 29, 2002

Another thing that was disturbing was the fact that Hilliard made noises about "retribution". Hopefully, he is just a wacko, and not part of a pattern. Hopefully.
Another story today about House congressmen and Islamic funds. Frankly, where does Hilliard get off saying the other canidate won because he had more money? Hilliard had nearly as much. Maybe Hilliard should take a long look at his supporters to see why he was kicked out.

Friday, June 28, 2002

This fine fellow over here will be at the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash tommorow. I will see you all there.
Question: The leader of Hamas is supposedly under house arreast under the PLO. So how does he get here? Please give me an answer that does not say:
A: Arafat is incompetent
B. Arafat loves the terrorism
C. Arafat is full of lies.
I'm waiting.....
Worst joke EVER. Seriously. The only jokes that reach this level of evil are the kinds of jokes that the Ku Klux Klan makes about blacks, and neo-nazi's make about Jews.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Hm. Troubling, this is. Let us hope that it means nothing. Of course, Senor Moore and his compradres Chomsky and Said will probably use this to support their idea of a vast conspiracy that controls the world, is run by Zionists, and has a nefarious goal of killing puppy dogs and kittens.
MICHAEL MOORE HAS A BLOG!: And in his second day, he has misspelled "pulbic". His blog is also noteworthy for being very self centered, and absolutly devoid of any news or reading material aparts from Moore's own, sad, weary, and utterly heartbreaking life. Seriously, even Altercation has stuff that is not just about Alterman's life. (Note: His disgusting stance on Israel is not off the hook.) Hey Mr. Moore! Why don't you write sometime on somebody else's bad day, preferably someone who isn't a millionare hypocrite like yourself!
Update: He also misspelled "finalzing". He also revealed that yesterday he had his first exercise since the late 70's. Mr. Moore is missing a fantastic chance to solve all world hunger using his large, gargantuan ass as food for Africa.
A great article by Reason on the Supreme Court verdict on school vouchers.
Something truly exciting is coming to online comics. To any fan of Will Eisner, check this out post-haste.
Summer movies you should see:
For fans of Spiderman, you already know why. For those who don't, you should see it because of some stunning acting by Tobey Maguire, the thrill of the web-slinging scenes, and the sheer joy the movie has in portraying the hero. A cool, refreshing breeze of classic heroism.
Lilo & Stitch:
A different kind of Disney movie. Stitch, the alien, is very mean spirited in the beginning, and Lilo has some emotional problems. However, the warmth of the relationship that develops between them warms any heart. The movie is also very funny, and includes some classic jokes that you must see.
Star Wars: Episode II:
It drags a bit, but it's worth every penny to see Yoda. Trust me.
Moonsoon Wedding:
Full of joy. A feel- good movie which actually is good, which makes me feel good. Most movies of this genre are bad, which make me feel bad. Capiche?
A great movie about morality and duty. Robin Williams does a fine job as a psycopath.
Thats it for know. Indepth reviews of classic movies coming soon.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Arrogant little snot, isn't he?
Alert! Alterman, sniveling little liberal bitch that he is, has stated that "American Jews, unlike Israel Jews, cannot bear to read the truth about the brutality inherent in Israel’s occupation". Remember a few months ago, when Alterbitch made that list of people who were "easy" on Israel? Anybody else getting creeped out by Alterbitch? I know I'm not alone here.
A big thanks goes to Mr. Blair, who has linked to me. He's certainly smarter than the average Blair!
To those that worship Chomsky: You need to read this.
Great job Pejman.
Prepare to vomit. Yes, the anti-war left is again blaming the "Jews" for 9-11. I will, over a period of time, disprove every point that this shmuck says.
Point 1: There was a vast spy conspiracy involving Jewish art students.
Reality: As we already know, that claim is bullshit, as the professor has met one of these "spy's", proving both Le Monde and Salon wrong. Also, the asshole here neglects to mention that all of these so called "spy arrests" took place at DEA bureaus, and nowhere near anything resembling the FBI and the CIA. Why on earth would a vast "Israeli spy operation" target the agency which would probably have the least amount of useful information for the Israeli's? Using Occam's razor, it is far more likely that this is a criminal scam, because of what the Professor has said. Reality points: -10.
Point 2: The Israeli's might have collaborated with the hijackers.
Reality: Mossad, the world's greatest intelligence adversary against terrorism, joined forces with Al-Queda to attack Israel's absolute best friend? How exactly would that be beneficial? Please inform me how pissing off the most powerful buddy on your side is a good strategy.
Point 3: Israel spied on New Jersey mosques, which is where some of the hijackers where.
Reality: Idiot here neglects to mention that a lot of mosques give money to some very shady Hamas charities. Thinking is obviously not one of his better qualities.
That's it for now. Thanks to Samizdata for pointing this out.
For those of you who might be interested: It has come to my attention that a certain man named Alexander Cockburn (not jokes about the name. Some people have the misfortune of having parents with a sense of humour) publishes a magazine called Counterpunch which is on the fairly extreme left. I decided to "google" him, so I could learn about him. Imagine my surprise when I found this. Interesting, no?
Madness! I know San Francisco is not known for its common sense, but this goes a little far. If you follow the verdict to it's logical conclusion, one can argue that in fact, the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional, since it is a document that is from a governing body, but it embraces monotheistic concepts which are totally biased against atheism, paganism, or agnosticism. I do realize that we ought be polite to different beliefs, but this is just way too fucking far. It is time for the counter-revolution, where sane people will rise up and smack down the stupid idotarians who make these types of descisions! Viva la revolucion de los gentes inteligentes! (Live the revolution of the intelligent people!)
Update: I have found out that the court has had some "issues" before. Thanks goes to the Corner.
As for my own attack on Moore, be rest assured, it is coming soon. And it will be sweet.
People! Three cheers today for Mr.Penny! Mr. Penny both links to me and has a brutal throwdown to Mr. Moore! Damian, you will be getting a permanent link on my site very soon. As all the new guys, let me welcome you to my site. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Notice to all Kubrick fans: The materials for his famous "unmade movie" are going to be sold to the public. Read about it here.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Nat Hentoff proven right. Why are we giving so much power to one of the most incompetent buerocracies alive? The problems in the FBI are in the agency culture, not in their information gathering capabilities. What really needs to change is the people in the FBI. Until such a change happens, the FBI will remain as useless as a no-legged hunting dog.
For those who think that the BBC is "all that", read this. Makes our newsbroadcasters look a whole lot better, doesn't it?
Let the games begin!
This is why I love Bush. I hope he follows up on it.