Friday, July 12, 2002

Remember a few weeks ago when Tom Cruise said "I'm terrified of the U.S."? And he also cited "corporate crime", a "high crime" and other reason why he won't raise his children there? Well, it looks like the children are doing alright. Even with the high amount of immigrants with little understanding of english, we still have 88% of kids with health care, a economy that even in its doldrums is higher than anyone else's, a powerful military so we won't be invaded, a noble eagle as the symbol of our national pride, and a noble people who almost every year, know that "next year it's going to be better." When I look at that, I find a noble people who are brave, proud, prosperous, and generous. I find a people who do not blame others for the problems, who hate villany, who love justice, and loathe tyranny. I see America as the first (and only) place where Jews could feel safe. I remember Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to some jewish merchants, saying that "the sons of Abraham will always be welcome here." That is the essence of America. That's what Michael Moore and his socialist thinking will never get, that's what Gore Vidal and his violent hate against monotheism will never get, and that's what the European intellectuals will never get. America is not proletariat, is not buorgeios, and is not full of peasents. We are full of citizens, lord of their own domain, owner of no man, and slave to no creed. Is there things that should be fixed? Certainly, but let us not forget what is good and right in our efforts to make sure justice is desposed through out the land.
Damian Penny has an excellent post here. This will permanently cure anyone of the impression that the Muslim world was all butterflies and candy canes for the Jews who lived in it.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Just started reading "Paradise Lost" by John Milton. So far, it's excellent, with lots of fine poetry. More impressions to come.
Here is something interesting about the West Bank: The actual historical term for it was Judea, a very hebrew word with a very Jewish name, literally "land of Judah", Judah being a name for one of the Maccabias. Just be looking at the name, you can tell that the land has very little significant Arabic connotations. Once you start refering to it as Judah, the debate about land becomes a lot clearer.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

A great article on why Chomsky is the worst excuse ever for an intellectual.
Thanks to Pejman for the link.
To those of you who think the supreme court "elected" Bush, read this. Should I send an email to Michael Moore, Spike Lee, and others that claim this? Emails please. Also, email me about how you like or dislike my site. I always love responses.
We see a little more revisionism. I think this is part of a worrisome trend of denying Israel's existence. In the next few days, I will write an essay about it.
Remember a few months ago, when everybody and their mother were saying that the "Axis of Evil" speech be a terrible setback? Well, based on the way things in Iran are going in the post below, and our military buildup for Iraq, the speech might go down in history as one of the most tactically devious moves. Great job Bush!
(To the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"

The regime in Iran is tumblin down, tumblin down, tumblin down,
The regime in Iran is tumblin down, tubmlin down, tumblin down, all throught the town.
Thanks goes to Damian, who originally linked the story.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

This guy is my hero. A true patriot, and a truly brave and honest man. May there be more like him.
Eric Alterman has shit for brains. Unfortunatly, Damian Penny makes an error as well (sorry Penny. I still love you. I think you are wrong about this, at least in the intent.) Let me make it clear. I do not think that this proposal has any merit. However, it is not meant to be racist. Rather, it is meant to spread the economic devastation of the palestinians to Israeli Arabs as well. Why? Well, one thing that has been particularly disturbing in this intifada is the fact that some Israeli Arabs have been helping the PLO. (I will provide links later.) This policy is probably going to hammered down, but it serves as a warning to Israeli Arabs to stop supporting the PLO, or they will be hurt as well. Israeli Arabs currently don't have the incentive that the Palestinians are currently receiving to not help the bombers. Note that I did not say many of the Israeli Arabs are doing this. I am only saying that enough are doing it so that it is a problem. While I do think this policy is stupid and idiotic, it is not that extreme, even though it is extremely stupid and pig-headed, for the reason that it will antagonize the loyal population, and it punishes unfairly the Israeli Arabs that do help out Israel.

Monday, July 08, 2002

It was Friday. I was in a blockbuster, looking at the DVD section. I go to the comedy. Right away I see, "The Big Lebowski". I think "Ooh! Coen brothers equals 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' and other cool movies. " So I pick it up, when I also see "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". I think "Cool! This movie means Terry Gilliam. Terry Gilliam directed 'Brazil', 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', and '12 Monkeys'. Excellent!" I check out both of them. "The Big Lebowski" is good. Some parts are weird, but any movie that has a monolouge about Shomer Shabes and bowling wins me over. However, "Fear" inspired "Loathing" inside me. That was the first, last, and only time I will ever watch a piece of work that involves "Hunter S. Thomson", "the hippie generation", and "drug culture." The only worthwhile thing about the movie was the first 5 minutes, and the last 5 minutes. I don't know what people see in the 60's, but all I see are a bunch of idiots getting stoned. I will be writing Mr. Gilliam and demanding my 2 hours back. Good day.
Jeff Goldstein does a fantastic job of ripping Tom Tommorow a new one in this post. This reading is highly reccomended, since I don't believe in actually requiring stuff.
Bush has the next election locked up if he plays his cards right. I'm reasonably sure that he will be able to do that. None of the attacks that the Democrats have launched seem to be working that well.
About time! If Bush is able to get this type of law pushed through, and have some CEO's thrown in prison, he could really gain some political high ground. More importantly, it would deny the other party one route of attacking the Bush administration.