Saturday, July 27, 2002

I have just finished the book "The Ship Who Sang". One of the better science fiction books I've read in a long time. Overall, I'd give the book a B+. Go and get it.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Look at this. 4 people were killed by murderous terrorists. But in the BBC's world, the victims were "settlers", who had "settled", while the murderous thugs are "palestinian militants", thus giving them an air of legitimacy. The BBC doesn't even bother to name the vicitms, one of whom was a child. The BBC feels that it is neccesary to put the shootings in perspective by saying "Israeli curfews imposed on many Palestinian West Bank areas" meant the roads were almost empty, implying the shootings were a consequence brought on by the settlers. How disgusting.
Will wonders never cease. Against all of my expectations, the oral surgery was completed quickly, with little pain felt by me, as I was gassed on something that resembles an illegal drug. I came home at 9:00 a.m, promptly fell down on to my bed, and sleep until 11:30. My teeth are suffering no pain, and I am 100% awake and ready to blog.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

The Wall Street Journal provides a reasoned summarization of the the Halliburton "scandal".
Just started reading a very fine book today. The title is The Ship Who Sang. The book is about a spaceship that has the mind of a woman. The book consists of space opera voyages, an extremely interesting world, and a lead charecter who is extremely interesting. I'll tell you what I think of it once I finish the book.
I will be having oral surgery tomorrow. Because of that, expect posting to be minimal on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will try to post, but it's not going to be top-priority. There will still be posting today.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

A clown may be first in the kingdom of heaven, if he has helped lessen the sadness of human life.

- Rabbi Baroka in Talmud
This is one of the funniest things I've seen lately.
Thanks to the National Review for the link.
Go America!
A New York Post column neatly summarizes the removal of the Hamas leader.
Give credit where credit's due
Eric Alterman reaches the same conclusion as I do about the killing of the Hamas leader. In other news, pigs are flying, and a million monkies want me to look over their draft of Hamlet.
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Hillary Clinton is supposedly against "judicial activism". We are anxiously awaiting the day she comes out against "Roe vs. Wade", arguably the most flagrant show of judicial activism ever. You can be for or against abortion, but if you are a constructionist, you must be against the verdict in "Roe vs. Wade".
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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Chaim Potok, author of "The Chosen", is dead at age 78. Say Kaddish for him, or better yet, read his books.
It's happened:
The PLO plans to put Ariel Sharon before the world court.
Here it is. . Copy and paste the link.
Of course, no one mentions the hypocrasy of trying Israel for civilian casualties instead of the PLO.
A funny and truly insightful post on how things have changed since 9-11 are few and far between, but one specimen of this rare species just made an appearance.
Read this comic ASAP.
The head of military operations for Hamas was killed. No commentary needed.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Shame, shame, shame on the INS.
This is very disturbing. It's not news that Latin American countries are not the benchmark for being honest, but it is frankly inhuman to accept $10 million dollars and look the other way while a synagogue is bombed.
There is a "theory" going around the internet that says that the war on terrorism in Afghanistan is really about the oil and other energy sources in the Caspian Sea, and that Bush is interested only in that oil. It is being distributed by such luminarias as Gore Vidal, Ted Rall, and the always idiotic Michael Moore. This "theory" is blown apart by, out of all magazines, The American Prospect in this article. Read the whole damn thing.
Link via Damian Penny.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

I saw the movie Stuart Little 2 with my little sister yesterday. My willingness to go was minimal, at the very best, but I accepted in the end. (It was that or Scooby-Doo). So I walk in with my thoughts running along the lines of "God, let it not suck much.". 1 hour and 20 minutes later, I walk out of the theatre pleasently surprised. The movie itself is about Stuart Little, a mouse who is adopted into a family of humans, and his friendship with a bird named Margolo, who really is a con-man (or is it con-bird?). The jokes in the movie are, thankfully, not about farts, poop, and other stuff most of the time. There are a few jokes based on it, but there is nothing gratitious. There are some clever jokes, mostly delivered by Nathan Lane as the cat. The Father and Mother in the picture are very charming. The father is the picture of optimism, while the mother is more practical, realistically worried about a 3-inch high mouse's chance for survival in a soccer game among kids. The children in the movie are preety good as well, with virtually all of them able to pretend that there really is a mouse that can talk, walk, and play with them. The movie, while good, does not approach the quality of my two favorite kids movies, Lilo and Stitch and Powerpuff Girls. Stuart has none of the true emotional range of Lilo, as the charecter development and change is fairly minimal, and none of the wicked cleverness and adrenaline rush of the Powerpuff Girls. Overall, this movie is a good one for the kiddies, but I would see the top-knotch animated movies available before seeing Stuart.
The State Department shows itself to be clueless again. Why does it seem like this Department seems to be deliberatly hijacking Bush's efforts at every step of the way? I think it's time that Bush fired Colin Powell and have Ms. Rice oversee the burning down and the rebuilding of the State Department. With officials in the State Department insulting Bush in emails, detaining a reporter from the National Review, not supporting U.S. citizens abroad in Saudi Arabia, and with their "terror reports" that seem to have no correlation in reality at all, it is time for some serious reform.