Saturday, August 24, 2002

Sarah and Becky know their Greco/Roman history, and they have a truly righteous amount of wit in their blog. Not only that, but they are in high school, just like me.

Friday, August 23, 2002

An excellent chap who also is in high school has linked to me. Give him some love. He deserves it.
Alterman is an idiot again!

Let us examine the man known as Alterman. In one of his posts, Alterman talks about what Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson said about Jews. “At the grass roots", there is a growing perception that “Jewish people are attempting to pick our leaders. . . . There is some concern about that. It’s concern about any candidate being targeted by a special-interest group for voting on any one issue.”
Let this remark roll over your mind. If you need help, replace "Jewish people" with "black people", and "Eddie Johnson" with a good ol' boy from the south. Doesn't it sound just a wee-bit, I don't know, antisemitic? And yet Alterman, ignoring the implication of the statement, criticizes "this kind of heavy-handed financial intervention to pick the winner of a largely African American race" as though the Jewish people are responsible for African-Americans being bigoted! Can you say "blaming the victim" with me, people? Can you say, "so partisan that he can't see what color the sky is"? Why isn't the Democratic Party (and democratic sympathizers) putting a stop to this type of behavior? If this representative was Republican, you can bet your ass the Republican party would be doing something about it. Why aren't the Democrats?

A Christian Science Monitor article about Labor in Americ brings to mind similar situations. It seems to me that this type of self-destructive behavior is very common in unions and other leftist organisations. A prime example of this is the 1930's election in Germany, when the Communist party threw their votes to Hitler, despite the fact that Hitler hated the communist party, in an effort to kickstart their worker's revolution. This resulted in millions of people (including communists) being killed. The Soviet Union also falls into this category, with so many instances that it would be tedious to list them all here. Likewise, the power of unions in European countries has resulted in the passing of laws that grant workers a variety of "rights", including regulations that makes it nearly impossible at times to fire a worker. This makes it very difficult for a new company to get started, or an established company to shift into a higher gear, thus resulting in a the weak state of European economies. Now we see the behavior of unions in the case of United, where their greed and stupidity is too great to allow them to take a pay cut in order to save the very company that they work at. This behavior also threatens the economic recovery everywhere, because a large amount of strikes by these militant unions will result in productivity suddenly dying of cancer, and the economy promptly heading south. Idiots.

Incidentally, why is it that many pundits and reporters have focused on the greed and stupidity of CEO's, but only one magazine (i.e. Christian Science Monitor have talked about unions? Doesn't the greediness of unions deserve as much attention?
An item of interest: Al Queada is in Iraq, says Guardian. Remember kids, the Guardian is Britains most liberal newspaper. Interesting, no?

Thursday, August 22, 2002

You may not know this, but in France right now, there is a book that says that the U.S. government itself crashed the planes in to the World Trade Center, and that no airplane flew into the pentagon. I just found out today that the book is going to be published here. The article does not mention who is publishing this book. If anybody here nows, please drop a line.
Link thanks to Damian.
The Grim Reaper, other wise known as Death, was dazed and confused by the event. "I don't understand. I am Death, I am the Grim Reaper, I'm the law of entropy, and yet I'm able to be banned in a small french village! I can't do anything about it at all!" Death then broke down and wept.
From the Jerusalem post:
A swedish televison station apologized for making overt anti-semetic statements on a show, including linking Jews to the 9-11 attacks.

At this point, can the anti-semitism in Europe get any worse?

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

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In Really Good News
Cynthia McKinney, otherwise known as the crazy lady who accused Bush of "participating" in 9-11, has lost the primary. Mazel Tov, Georgia!
Bob Barr has lost the primary. I'm sure that it will make many people happy, but as for me, I am saddened. Yes, I know that Mr. Barr has a fiery temper. However, Bob was the first guy to go and nail the son a bitch named Clinton, and he was also praised by the great Nat Hentoff, a man who is certainly not conservative, as a principled representative. Good luck to you buddy.
I'm back! Posting will now be once again every day.