Saturday, August 31, 2002

Remember how a lot of leftists, such as Michael Moore and the entire Democratic Party, were touting the sucess of the Canadian Health Care system? Well, according the this Christian Science Monitor report, the Health Care system in Canada is already up shit creek, and is just about to lose the paddle. I wonder whether we will here any advocates of this health care system admit that they were wrong. This is just a guess, but I think it won't happen.
Israel has arrested Hamas's Top Political Leader In the West Bank
Israeli soldiers arrested the Islamic militant group Hamas' top political leader in the West Bank on Saturday in a raid on his Ramallah hide-out. Hasan Yousef was taken out of the house in the center of the West Bank city into an Israeli military vehicle.

Friday, August 30, 2002

As preparation for a war with Iraq heightens, the people who dissagree with the idea grow more vocal and hysterical everyday. Some of them cite how every other country in the world opposes it, as though that is a bad thing. Two things about this claim.
1. The world was like this over Afghanistan. How did things go there? Absolutly amazing. This shows us the whole world can be wrong at times. (Not that is its news.)
2. As Christopher Hitchens, one of the "thinking man's" leftists reports, the people who oppose war with Iraq have some fairly suspect motivations. Even though Mr. Hitchens is wrong about Mr. Kissenger opposing the war (Kissinger actually supports it), he still makes a large number of points that show that the other countries are really just being selfish bastards.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

The Iraqi invasion is going to start very soon. A U.S. general told Israel that it would begin in November.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Two years ago, right before the second intifada started, I read reports in the Jerusalem Post and other magazines about how the Palestinian Authority started taking out lots of Jewish artifacts out of archeological areas, and then walling them up with trash. I also remember that right after the second intifada started, Joseph's Tomb, an important Jewish archeological site, was also destroyed. Now I read this article about how the Temple wall in Jerusalem faces imminent collapse. Strangly enough, the Islamic faction refuses to work with the Israeli's to save the wall from collapse. The Islamic faction had also been building a mosque right where some of the temple was. Call my paranoid, but I think that the Waqf in Jerusalem might be deliberatly destabilizing the wall so as to destroy it as part of a wide campaign to deny the existence of the Jewish people. Let me provide some backround. It is well known that the Palestinian Authority includes huge amounts of anti-semetic material in their textbooks. What is not as well known is that some Arab and Western scholars also try to deny the biblical routes of Israel, as seen in books like these that protray various Jewish traditions as evil, and books which totally deny the existance of Israel in ancient times, despite clear archeological evidence that there was an Israel in some way, shape or form. After reading the reader reviews for these books, it is clear that one of the key pillars of the Palestinian cause is the denial of a Jewish people, as also evidenced by their textbooks. Since history does not support this monstrous thesis, these "scholars" and some Arabs are trying to destroy the evidence of Israel entirely. In a way, this is worse than Holocaust denial, because it denies the existence of a people, not the killing of them.
Update: Here is another book that attacks the roots of Judaism.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Opinion Journal has a column that questions what the left stands for. The column asks why the left tries to appease dictators when they are supposedly for Western Civilization. That's not the kicker. The real kicker is that they reprinted a column from 1945 that asks that question. Read it here.
Don't the circumstances seem awfully familiar?
I think I may have just invented a new principle. Here it is:
The Fischer Principle
The difference between a cult and a religion is that a religion will have members that will disagree with each other about dogma, and not have the religion die as a result. A cult tolerates no disagreement on rites, and will promptly reeducate any members who disagree.
Well Fed Conservative is starting a high school bloggers webring. I just sent in my application for it. I'm excited about this already.