Thursday, November 28, 2002

Machinists reject concessions, increase odds of UAL bankruptcy
In rejecting wage and benefit concessions early Thursday morning, a group of machinists at United Airlines has increased the chance that the world's second-largest air carrier will be forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just as the busy holiday travel season begins.
The rejection comes as United is facing a Monday deadline for making a $375 million debt payment. United officials said Thursday that they would decide on Monday whether to make the payment or take advantage of a 10-day grace period.

Bankrupting the corporation that pays you? Now that's really, really, dumb.

About 160 people have fallen sick aboard a Disney boat.
Frankly, anybody who goes onto the same boat with a giant rodent is begging for the plague.
Christopher Hitchens wrote a lette explaining why he left The Nation. In the letter, he illustrates what is wrong with much of the left today.
At public forums in the past several months, debating with Oliver Stone in one case and with Michael Moore in another, and with several others in between, I have heard witless applause for fatuous debating points and for fatal casuistry, and have realized that I am hearing the magazine's propaganda and attitude being played back to me. It may now seem trite to say that September 11 and other confrontations "changed everything." For me, it didn't so much change everything as reinforce something. I am against aggressive totalitarian states and I am resolutely opposed to religious fanaticism. I am also sickened by any attempt to call these hideous things by other names. Most especially in its horrible elicitation of readers' letters on the anniversary of September 11, The Nation joined the amoral side. It's the customers I want to demoralize, not just the poor editors. I say that they stand for neutralism where no such thing is possible or desirable, and I say the hell with it.
Powerful stuff.